Farming Technology and Equipment Solutions for Livestock Operations

products is operated by Dairyland Equipment of Menahga, Inc. We provide products and technical assistance to small and large livestock farms and are dedicated to helping farmers find the best solution to their problems. The fix may not always be as obvious as it should be. That is where our on-farm experience provides us with the insight necessary to offer the right solution for your needs.

Organic Livestock Farming Technology Services and Products  

Organic livestock farming requires raising animals without antibiotics or synthetic hormones, and only feeding organic grains grown without pesticides or fertilizers. A combination of feeding a high-quality diet, providing cage-free living and open space to roam and graze, and using natural methods of disease prevention improves animal welfare and the quality of products, making your business profitable.
To maintain these standards, you need products from companies that put the same efforts into their product development and manufacturing that you put into operating a sustainable farm. Dairyland Equipment understands these needs and offers high-quality products and farming technology and equipment solutions from trusted and well-known brands including:
  • Dairymaster Milking Systems: A world leader in dairy farm equipment manufacturing including milking equipment, cow control systems, feeding systems, stall work products, and automatic scraper systems.
  • Dr. Paul’s Lab: A full line of homeopathic tinctures and other products for addressing health and illness on your farm. Dr. Paul worked as a large-animal veterinarian for close to four decades and published a book on holistic and alternative treatments for ruminant animals.
  • Dr. Sarah’s Essentials: High-quality products developed by a large animal veterinarian specializing in sustainable agriculture and organic farming.  Her product line includes organic salves, insect repellants, liniments, and other products developed for the organic livestock technical farming industry.
  • Patz: Designs and manufactures high-quality material handling equipment for the farming industry including feeders, barn scrapers, and manure pumps.
  • Ritchie:  Manufactures livestock waterers known for their high quality, durability, and 10-year limited warranty.

Animal Health Products for the Organic Livestock Technical Farming Industry

All the Animal Health Products we offer are made from high quality, organic ingredients and used by both organic and conventional farmers. We also carry several items that are not certified organic. Organic and non-organic products include tinctures, salves, boluses, homeopathy solutions, and several other products to support the organic technical farming industry.

Farming Technology and Equipment Solutions for Feeding and Waste Management

Our Livestock Equipment & Handling Solutions include watering fountains feed handling equipment, and manure handling systems to assist you with caring for your animals. All watering systems feature impact-resistant poly construction with foam insulation to prevent water from freezing in low temperatures.  Feed handling system options include conveyors, belt feeders, mixers, and silo unloaders. Our manure handling solutions include alley scrapers, barn cleaners, and pumps to clear away waste and soiled bedding.