Farm Animal Health and Livestock Supplies

Farm animal health involves preventing, detecting, and managing diseases and promoting the overall health and welfare of livestock. In animal agriculture, this is important not only for the health and wellness of your livestock but for ensuring the quality and safety of food supplies.
Our animal agriculture health supplies include tinctures, salves, and homeopathic remedies for treating a range of conditions and diseases in livestock and other animals. All the products we carry from Dr. Paul’s Lab and Dr. Sarah are made with organic ingredients for use by organic and conventional farmers. Farmers are not required to dump milk from cows treated with these organic products. We also have a selection of products that are not certified organic.
We carry a wide range of organic and conventional solutions for your farm animal health operations. View the product categories below to place an order or contact us to learn more about our farm animal health and livestock solutions.

Farm Animal Health and Livestock Solutions

The organic farming industry requires that animals are raised without the use of antibiotics and synthetic growth hormones, and even their feed must come from sources free of pesticides and fertilizers. To have a productive dairy farm, you need livestock medical supplies that not only comply with organic farming standards but are effective at preventing illness and treating injuries and infections.
Our selection of animal agriculture health supplies includes:
  • Tinctures: Naturally treat a variety of animal health conditions and prevent illness.  All the tinctures we offer are highly concentrated and made using organic grain alcohol and organic components.  We carry dozens of formulas for
  • Salves: We offer liniments and salves treating external conditions of the skin, hooves, and udders. All salves made with essential oils mixed with a base of beeswax and cocoa butter. Liniments have a base of castor oil or olive oil infused with organic essential oils and ingredients.
  • Boluses: Manage health conditions with boluses in capsule form.  Our inventory includes options for calf health, udder care, dietary and intestinal health, worming, and other treatments. Administer with a balling gun or by hand.
  • Homeopathy: Select from individual treatments or a complete medicine box containing 50 vials of different homeopathic medicines.
  • Other Animal Health Solutions: Complete your supply cabinet with animal health products for a variety of conditions. Our inventory includes disposable syringes, plastic balling guns, Milking Comfort, Aloe C, Calf Start, empty spray bottles, wound spray, and other tonics and supplies.  

Livestock Health Management and Care

A crucial part of farm animal health care is regularly monitoring livestock for signs of disease and illness. Daily management includes checking the overall appearance of your cattle and watching for signs of behavioral changes, as well as:
  • Eyes: Healthy eyes are clear, bright, and free of discharge.
  • Ears: Both ears should upright and able to move and pick up sound. Also, check for irritation or injuries from fly bites.
  • Nose and Muzzle: Should be clean, moist, and free of nasal discharge
  • Hair/Coat: A smooth and shiny coat is a sign of health. Also, look for sores or signs of injury
  • Udders: There should be no signs of swelling, heat, or pain in the udders. You should also monitor milk supplies for signs of blood or pus.
  • Urine/Manure: Healthy cattle have clear urine and soft (but not watery) dung
  • Breathing and Pulse: Their breathing should be smooth and regular with no signs of congestion. Labored breathing or a high/low pulse typically indicate illness
  • Appetite: Be aware of any changes in eating or drinking habits, which usually indicates sickness.
Good animal husbandry practices include working with a veterinarian to monitor animal health and address issues as they arise. Always review an animal health manual or consult with your veterinarian before treating an animal.

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