Livestock Feeding & Handling Equipment

Livestock feeding and handling equipment are used to care for the needs of your animals by providing continuous access to water and feed and keeping their living areas clean. Proper feeding and manure handling is important not only for animal health, comfort, and well-being but to reduce illness, disease, and parasites.

Farm Animal Nutrient Supply Equipment and Manure Removal Equipment

Dairyland Equipment understands what farmers need to care for animals and keep their operations running efficiently properly. We provide a variety of equipment including livestock feeding management systems, farm animal water supply equipment, and manure handling equipment made to withstand regular use and exposure to harsh elements. The livestock feeding management and handling equipment we offer is compatible with dry or wet feed to accommodate a wide range of feeding needs.
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Durable Solutions for Manure and Nutrient Management Services

Increase the efficiency of your farming operation by using our manure and nutrient management equipment services and solutions. Our inventory includes livestock feeding equipment and manure handling systems from trusted brands and we stock replacement parts to keep your equipment in top operating condition.
  • Livestock Watering Fountains:  Proper hydration keeps your herd healthy and promotes growth and production. Having durable, low-maintenance farm animal water supply equipment is also a necessity. We offer livestock watering fountains with a rugged poly construction that resists impact, and foam insulation to prevent water supplies from freezing over in the winter months. Options include stainless steel lined water troughs, and flip-top cover models, and more. All styles can be used with or without an immersion heater.
  • Replacement Watering Fountain Parts: We offer immersion heaters and replacement parts for all the livestock watering fountains in our inventory. Keep a few sets of replacement parts on your farm for easy on-site maintenance and repairs.
  • Manure Handling Equipment: Regularly removing manure and soil bedding prevents disease, reduces the risk of animals slipping, and minimizes issues with parasites and insects. Manure handling equipment improves the efficiency and effectiveness of manure removal to keep living areas clean and animals healthy. Our selection includes barn cleaners, alley scrapers, manure pumps, and pit pumps. We also carry replacement parts.
  • Feed Handling Equipment: Automated livestock feeding equipment systems provide a consistent feed supply to animals, allowing you to focus on other animal care tasks at your farm. Choose from food conveyors, belt feeders, soli unloaders, and feed mixers compatible with wet or dry forage and feed.

Selecting the Right Farm Animal Nutrient Supply Equipment & Manure Removal Systems

There are several different types of feed, and it is crucial to choose livestock feeding equipment systems that provide the handing your feed requires. Wet feeds, for example, flow through equipment differently than dry grain. Using the wrong equipment for your feed type affects how well the food flows through the system and can damage the components.
Keeping housing areas clean is especially important for organic farmers that do not use vaccines and antibiotics to prevent illness and disease.  Manure and soiled bedding created a breeding ground for parasites and contagious diseases and creates slip hazards for animals and workers. When selecting manure handling equipment, you need to consider the size of your operation and the volume of manure produced. How you plan to handle your manure is also a factor in choosing handling equipment and determines the need for pumps and other accessories.

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Dairyland Equipment carries livestock feeding and handling equipment and animal health products for use in organic and conventional farming operations. Order your products today, submit a quote, or contact us to discuss your equipment needs.