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Dairymaster Milking Systems

Experience the Difference... with Dairymaster!

Dairymaster is one of the World's leading equipment manufacturers, with systems in over 40 countries worldwide. Dairymaster's objective is to “Make Milking Easy”. To accomplish this they have designed products for all of  your farm needs: Milking equipment, cow control systems, stallwork products, feeding systems, and automatic scraper system.

Dairymaster products operate effectively on farms with cow numbers ranging from 40 cows to 10,000 cows, this is due to the modular format of Dairymaster's products. Most of the products operate effectively as stand alone products however most are capable of being integrated into a fully computerized milking parlor with the capability of automatically monitoring the progress of each individual animal's yield and the overall management of the parlor.


  • On average a Dairymaster parlor milks each cow one minute faster.
  • In recent scientific trials the Dairymaster cluster yielded 5% more when compared to another commercially available cluster.
  • Dairymaster milking equipment has been designed to have the lowest level of liner slip, excellent milk out and lower shear forces on teats which is better for udder health.
  • Dairymaster pulsation is very similar to the natural way of milking as the vacuum of a Dairymaster milking unit closely follows that of a calf suckling.
  • Dairymaster milking systems have top performance when tested in accordance to the latest ISO international Standards for milking machines. 

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The Dairymaster sytems are engineered to be the most efficient, comfortable, and cow friendly system available. 

Address: 68 12th Street S.E. • Menahga, Minnesota 56464 • Phone Number: 866-846-0064
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